How Pregnancy Can Cause Back Pain And Sciatica

The delights of being pregnant, no matter you are dealing with the first baby or the third, most are believed to understand and for that you must get ready. Three out of five pregnant women encounter lower back pain. Many of them experience it quite some time before losing their waist!


Changes in your whole body during pregnancy more than affect on your overall appearance!

  1. What nearly all women already know is gaining weight: about twenty five lbs or even more. The increase in body weight exerts pressure on a herniated or bulging in the lower back disc. Back and leg pain, also named as sciatica, are common queries.
  2. Gaining weight can result in sciatica pain and Piriformis symptoms. The Piriformis, found in the butt, thigh, help the mobility. Piriformis syndrome can develop once the sciatic nerve compressed due to the muscle stress, which which result in pain in lower back and leg.
  3. Moreover, You need to learn the best time to exercise or lifting, because it is easy to relax while being pregnant. Avoid sudden movements and move slowly.

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Do This:

  • Talk with your health professional and chiropractic doctor to keep your body weight under control.
  • If you feel increased back pain, consult with your chiropractor, health professional.
  • Take note of your posture. Straightly stand up with buttocks contracted and shoulders back also avoid inclined forward.
  • Placing a cushion between the knees and below the belly can help you sleep comfortably.
  • Working out breathe deeply and relax may also help during labor. Along with easy cardio exercises, for example walking and swimming, all these activities can help keep your body weight under control and also make you physically fit. Before starting these exercises, inquire your doctor, if these workouts are best for you.
  • Pre-natal therapeutic massage might help reduce pain and pressure. This type of massage therapy help in stress management, stabilize hormone levels, ease back, pelvis, and hip pain, improves digestive function  and blood circulation also helps reduce fatigue.
  • A hot bath or shower helps reduce lower back pain. However, during pregnancy you should stay away from aroma therapy using certain fragrant oils which includes example basil, juniper, mint, rosemary and star anise. Because some oils can result in contractions.

You need to prevent distressing positions, excessive efforts, for example heavy-lifting and repetitive tasks, particularly within the 3rd quarter.


Preventative Tips Sciatica Treatment Denver:

  1. Lower back and legs muscles work harder to keep up balance your body. Only walking or standing may be a problem. It can be a common swelling of the extremities so frequent breaks and taking rest is good to reduce swelling.
  2. An adjustable and ergonomically designed chair that support lumbar and foot can make a work more comfortable on computer.
  3. Frequently change your posture, standing and sitting.
  4. When your job demands you to be seated, take frequent breaks to walk which helps decrease swelling by improving blood circulation.


Hopefully, you will be one of those future mothers whose pregnancy moves on without sciatica or back pain. But if you start lumbar pain, talk to your chiropractic doctor.

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