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Day 79: Great to be Back!

I flew in from Mexico on Monday and got home around 8:00 p.m. Exhausted, I got to bed early and was excited about getting back to my routine Tuesday morning.

It’s kind of funny when you realize the things you miss most after being gone. I was so happy to get into my car and drive with the windows down listening to my music.

I met these two smiling faces for a workout at 6:30 a.m. but the sun isn’t rising now until 7:00 a.m… it’s really no fun waking up and driving in the dark. I’m likely going to change these workouts to 7:00 a.m. Either way, I was so happy to

We jogged around the lake which looked beautiful and then make it to our Tabata sprinting spot. Yay!I promised myself to take it easy and not push it too much because I am still recovering from my back incident. I did great though and felt no pain, thank goodness.

We headed back to the Fit Zone to do some more intervals and managed to get two in before it started pouring! There’s a first for everything, right?

We waited for a few moments but it continued and we decided to end fifteen minutes early. Here’s the picture of the rain from the car.IMG_3474.PNGAs I headed home, the sky looked amazing. I am so happy to be back, waking up early, getting in an awesome workout, rain or no rain.Florida is funny because by the time I made it home, the rain had stopped, actually it never even rained where I live. So, I found a spot in front of the lake, stretched and did a few sunrise salutations.


Day 80: Bolting to the Beach!

Soreness. All over my body this morning . This is what happens when you don’t workout for a while, haha. The body adapts so quickly to whatever you give it, whether it’s lack of exercise or an abundance of exercise. I generally prefer the latter, but vacations can hamper this as my Days 67-78 explained .I waited until the evening to get in a run. I had the opportunity to sleep in and catch up on sleep, so I took advantage of it!

I was soooo excited to get to the beach tonight. I parked and literally bolted out of the car and ran to the beach. Fernando probably thought I was crazy, but I’m sure he’s used to it by now.

Everything was so beautiful. I took a deep breath and felt so incredibly grateful to be back and call this home.I felt like frolicking through the sand and jumping up and down (ok, truth be told, I did do some of this).

We took some pictures and then warmed up, jogged for a bit on the sand and on the broadwalk, then came back to stretch and talk about all the things for which we’re grateful.I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and head back to the beach! Happy happy to see the beach again <3

Days 82-88: Working and Staying Focused to Overcome Injuries and Resistance

Only two more days to day 90!

I haven’t kept up with my blog since I went to Mexico. Being away and not being able to exercise (because of my back injury) caused me to loose my routine.

Now that I’m back, I’m finding it tough to get back into the grove of things. That thing I had going about starting to feel like a morning person is pretty much gone

It’s frustrating, but interesting at the same time. I’m experiencing how much more effort it takes to build something (an early exercise routine) than to stop it. Once you stop, you revert quickly to your old ways and you have to start climbing that mountain again.

While I may have lost some of my desire to be a morning person, since I’ve been back, I haven’t missed one day of working out which makes me feel very happy.

Here is a quick recap of the past few workouts.

Day 88

Today was a beautiful morning at the beach with these two wonderful people.IMG_3787.JPGThe sun began to rise after our sand run to warm up and during our Tabata sprints in the sand. We did three more rounds of Tabata and then stretched and relaxed.IMG_3789.JPGIt was truly a calm, beautiful morning.

Day 87

After working hard all day, me and Fernando kept our promise to each other to get a run in at the beach. It was a bit late, but the night was beautiful.IMG_3794.JPGThe great thing about running with someone else is that if one of you is feeling weak or unmotivated, the other person can often push you. And this is exactly what happened.

I was feeling tired, but Fernando kept his pace, and I couldn’t let him beat me, so I just kept up with him and wound up doing much better than I know I would have if I had run alone. Working out with a buddy is one of the best ways to keep you motivated and inspired.

Day 86

Tabata Tuesday was great  And we didn’t get rained out like last Tuesday which was a big bonus!

IMG_3768.JPGWe sprinted near the lake and then did three rounds of Tabata intervals near the Fit Zone. The intervals focused on lower body, abs and upper body, which I felt the next day! It’s painful to get back to where you were when you take some time off, but I’m doing it!

Day 85

Monday morning at the beach, best way to start the week! We saw a gorgeous sunrise as we were running on the Broadwalk. We then came back to the sand to do some Yoga and stretching. We ended with a mediation facing the ocean. It was an awesome morning.IMG_3795.JPGDay 84

This was a beach day. While there was no structured exercise, we did play frisby several times. This is a great way to workout, because you get exercise without even realizing it. We would’ve kept playing if it weren’t for the fact that I threw it into the ocean and it washed away  oops!

Day 83

I had a busy day but right before I went out that evening, I squeezed in three rounds of Tabata at home. It was intense and quick, just what I needed. There really always is time to workout, you just have to fit it in and make it work.

Day 82

After working hard all day, I needed to exercise and felt like stretching. So, I popped in a P90X stretching DVD and followed along. It was perfect and left me feeling relaxed after a long day.

See, no matter where you are, what you’re doing or who you’re with, you can always set aside some time (even if it’s only 4 minutes to do one round of Tabata!) to exercise. It leaves you feeling more energized and definitely puts me in a better mood, what about you?


Day 89 & 90: Mission Complete

After 90 days of working out every day, and waking up at 5:30 a.m. four days a week to do so, I must say I learned a lot.

It was great fun to meet so many new people along the way that also had the drive to wake up early to exercise. Thank you for your existence! If it weren’t for you, I feel I probably would’ve skipped a day here and there.

Unfortunately, toward the end of my 90 days there was a back injury (while moving a big ‘ol potted plant) and some travel which really hampered my ability to workout everyday. However, such is life, you cannot be in control of everything and must work to find balance in what life presents you.

IMG_4348My biggest take aways are as follow:

  • Living near the beach is a blessing and inspiration for waking up early to workout. I have a new love for sunrises at the beach.
  • Taking things personally is silly. It only harms the person taking it personally, so catch yourself, stop, and reframe the situation!
  • Having people to hold you accountable is key. Again, a huge shout out to all those that ever joined me for a workout. You kept me going and reminded me how important it is to surround yourself with people you admire.
  • 5:30 a.m. is really early. After giving up my social life to be in bed by 9:30 p.m. (trust me, I NEED 8 hours of sleep!), I am backing off and waking up between 6:00-7:30 a.m… ok and sometimes 9:00 a.m., haha, all depending on what life hands me. Structure is good, but so is flexibility, and I’m still learning to find a  balance that works for me.


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